1. In 2019 during the Parliamentary Public Hearing on the Narcotics Control Commission Bill, VALD’s Executive Director; Issah Ali together with drug prevention CSO leaders defended and supported the strengthening of the drug prevention provisions of the bill and spoke against drug use and the cultivation of any type of cannabis in Ghana. The Narcotics Control Commission Act 1019 was passed into law in 2020

2 .VALD won the WHO Director-General Special Recognition Awards on the World No-Tobacco Day 2013 as a result of its accomplishments in the area of tobacco control in Ghana

3 .With support from its partners, VALD advocated and engaged relentlessly for the passage and assent of the Tobacco Control Measures of the Public Health Act 2012 (ACT 851) in 2012 and the adoption of the Tobacco Control Regulation, 2016 (2247) in January 2016

4 .VALD participated in the development and advocated for the adoption of the National Alcohol Policy (NAP), which was adopted in 2016

5 .VALD, together with allies and partners are collaborating on the implementation of the National Alcohol Policy through the development and adoption of a legal and binding frameworks

6 .VALD produced the 2010 Civil Society Shadow report on the Implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) in Ghana

7 .VALD produced the Ghana Tobacco Industry Mapping and Monitoring Report 2006-2012

8 .VALD facilitated the establishment of several coalitions/networks/alliances including the Media Alliance in Tobacco Control, Ghana NCD Alliance, West Africa Alcohol Policy Alliance, Ghana Alcohol Policy Alliance, etc

9 .VALD Staff have travelled globally on treaty negotiations, development and capacity building and has worked closely with legislatures and policy-makers from different countries.